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Welcome to Harddrive's New~gen Emulation & Tutorials


Shots Factory:
 The shots factory for neogeo games is different than for CPS.
 Neogeo has only 1 tile plane, that is fixed and always in the
 top level.
 All the remaining graphics are built using vertical sprite strips
 the shots factory allows you to disable individual strips to remove
 graphics from the image.

News:8/02/04 Site Updates SITE STILL IN CONSTRUCTION

Under construction ....a few modifications to the site has bin made. more updates and features comming soon. so far there is only one staff so the progress is kind of slow. anybody intrested in helping out with the site please drop a line in the guestbook and ill contact you with information regarding the site and progress.... 

8/02/04   Added more sprtes on the sprites page.
8/02/04   Updated GuestBook features.
8/02/04   Added information about sprites
links to contacts comming soon!!

New WinMugen now suports unlimited  Chars !!

Yeah! Great News!
WinMugen is released!!!
It is now possible to play Mugen on Windows!!!
That was some time ago but the problem was that it wasnt possible to play with more than two characters.
BUT, roh_heia have patched this hack and it is now possible to play with as much as wanted characters!!!
Thanks to all the new generation of creator's!!!

Mugen Fury

Notifying Visitors of Site Enhancements

here are some of the enhancements that were made

guestbook now has a view button to the right hand side to view the guest's that have signed the guestbook as of 8/01/04

clicking on the sprite of the week will send you strait to the sprites page.

new site layout comming soon.... 

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donations and funds for the site!!

so far i have made a $0.00 and i dont intend to make any until the site is fully completed and there is way more downloads and a fully operatable ftp client for you and especialy roms! please DO NOT send or contribute any donations as of yet................

Sprite of the Week !!

Tutotrials for ripping sprites

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All modifications to kawaks are not prohibited and is legal without rom distrubution